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The Cycling Saga 🚴🏻‍♀️

I love cycling. When I used to commute to work in central London, I always thought it was a superior form of transport to get around that busy city. I cycled year round in all conditions (tho I drew the line at actual snow on the ground) and this kept me fit for playing roller derby. I’d even strap my skates to my back on derby nights and cycle to and from training. Unfortunately, once I got a car and then moved up north, my cycling pretty much ceased to exist. Which was a massive shame.

If the Corona Virus has done anything for me, it’s brought me back to loving cycling again. During lockdown when the roads were empty of cars, I’d whizz down the open roads and remember how fun it used to be. It’s even better without central London traffic trying to kill you at every leg. Now lockdown is easing, the roads are significantly busier again, but it’s still great to be out there in the fresh air. I’ve even been on two bike packing holidays to the Peak District and Cotswolds during 2020. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for years but never actioned. They were only two and three day adventures respectively, but it got me started and now I have plans to do many more bike packing holidays and races.

Whilst my trusted old road & cyclocross bikes have got me so far in my training, I’ve now splashed out on a proper triathlon bike. The Liv Avow Advanced Pro. She's called Flo, The Emerald Queen. She has all the frills and is such a beauty. I’ve had the bike fitted to me so it’s as comfortable as it can be and now it’s all about learning how she rides and getting used to the aero positioning. So far I’m loving being forward and low on the bike. I’ve been told by various people that as Bolton is such a hilly course, I’d be better off with a road bike and clip on aerobars. But let's just see how we get on.

I also have plans to get a mountain bike in the very near future, as any training I can do on the bike will help and I really want to go off-roading in the Peak District. 🚵🏻‍♀️

Before the weather turned cold, I went out on Flo quite a bit around the roads of Warrington, but as winter rolled in, I stopped rolling outside. I purchased a smart turbo trainer and got a subscription to Zwift, and this has seen me through the cold and wet days. I've taken Flo out once so far this year, when we had a break in the weather, and I attempted riding the first part of the Ironman course, plus one loop. It's clear to say I've still got a long way to go before I feel ready with the cycling.

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