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My Story

My goal for social media is to be me as much as possible. Showing the flaws as well as the good stuff. Showing that normal women can do extraordinary things if they put their mind to it.





2021 Peak District

2021 Cotswolds

2022 Dartmoor Way

2022 France - Eurovelo 4

2023 Hadrian's Wall


One Mountain A Month - I ran/walk/climbed up a different mountain every month during 2018

Weighted WOD a Week - I did a CrossFit workout wearing my weighted vest every week during 2019



RASASC (rape and sexual abuse support center)

Awareness Ambassador. This charity supports people who have been affected by sexual violence.

London 2017 IAAF World Athletics Championships

Sport Team (racewalking event) and Transport Team Member

London 2012 Olympics

Skating Nurse in the opening ceremony

Festival Stewarding with Oxfam







I was a slow starter, I didn't put much effort into my GCSEs or A-Levels, but when I realised I needed to step up to achieve my goal of going to university, I took myself back to sixth form by myself to apply during my gap year.

As my A-Level results were not great, I decided to do a foundation science year before studying for my bachelor's degree in Forensic Science at APU (now known as Anglia Ruskin University). I achieved a 2.1 with honours and left uni to work in a lab for a couple of years.

After a while in the real world, my desire to return to studying kicked in, and I went on to study for my master's degree in Toxicology at The University of Surrey. This is my greatest achievement to date.

I have always wanted to do a PhD, so maybe one day this is in my future?


During my gap year before university I worked at the Bear Factory in Hamley's on Regent Street, such an iconic store where I had the best time.

During my student days at APU I worked at the music venue The Junction, where I experienced so many fantastic bands and club nights, working with a fabulous bunch of friends, it hardly felt like work at all.

Following university at APU, my first lab job was with Sigma-Genosys, whereby I started as a Synthesis Technician making oligonucleotides, and I moved into the QC team doing quality assurance. But after a few years university life called back to me.

Once I'd completed my masters I struck lucky with my dream job of becoming a Forensic Toxicology Analyst with the FSS (Forensic Science Service), and it was only due to the company being closed by the government that I had to leave.

I temporarily joined the MHRA (medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency) as a Scientific Specialist to help them clear a backlog of work.

But I then landed my second dream job with LGC (now acquired by Eurofins) as a Forensic Toxicology Reporting Officer. Learning how to go to court to give evidence was exceptionally thrilling, and I progressed in this role after a few years to become a Casework Lead for the road traffic toxicology unit.

By now I'd got some great experience in Forensic Science, but I decided I wanted to move out of London so that I could live closer to the mountains. I joined Key Forensic Services (KFS) up in Warrington, and moved my whole life up there.


But more adventure was calling to me and it wasn't long before I packed it all in and joined the Fire Service with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) as a firefighter.


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